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Cynthia Ann is a refreshingly honest psychic counselor and intuitive guide who understands your problems and will help
you to avoid the effects of negative energy. She is direct and to the point.

Greetings my friends,

In life we all would like answers - answers to the hardships we seem not to understand. We ask ourselves - why is this happening to me? The answers and the solutions are here.

I am a strongly driven intuitive advisor who has had life experiences that enable me to understand and empathize with your worries and problems.

I communicate clearly and will direct you in your journey to heal and take control - so that your life is full of positive and happily flowing energies.

I would be honored to assist you in that journey. I am a natural and I am the one who will unlock the truth. Together we have the power to create new and positive beginnings.

May God bless and Protect always.


Cynthia Ann

  • 48 years experience
  • Credentials natural gift given at birth
  • Zodiac sign Cancer
  • Special areas love and relationships, infidelity, marriage counseling, money and finance, career and goals, childhood trauma, drug and alcohol addiction, connecting with loved ones on the Other Side, pet psychic